Location change for Watford Sale – May 9th

Due to circumstances out of our control, the halls we currently use at Queens School on the South Side of the building are unavailable for the above date.

The School have managed to allocate us 2 spaces on the opposite side of the road (The North Side). After a meeting with them today, we are happy to confirm we are able to go ahead with the sale pretty much as normal. It will be a bit unfamiliar but we love a challenge and are confident the day will be just as successful and we will have extra signage and staff on to help.

There are 2 halls we are going to be using and we have worked out that each hall will be able to hold 25 tables each which means the same amount of tables as usual

They are in two separate buildings. One reaches the other via a corridor and a door. It’s about 30 seconds walk between one and the other.

To manage this we will have 2 public entrances in a similar location. Customers will be given a stamp or ticket once they pay which will allow them to enter each hall once they have paid.

If you have already booked a table for the event then we will assign anyone who was in the front Hall into Hall 1 and anyone who is in the back Hall into Hall 2.

Here’s a map of the site we’ve created to help you visualise the site.


If you have any questions or issues please feel free to email us at info@lotsfortotssale.co.uk

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