Visitor Bags

Lots for Tots visitor bags are going to be distributed at all of our sales. If you are looking to target parents or carers  interested in pregnancy or baby & toddler related goods or services then these are the perfect option. We are doing the inserts on a “per quantity basis” rather than a “per sale” basis so that you know every flyer you provide will  be handed out.

The cost for inserts are as follows:
150 Leaflets = £20
If you wish to include a sample of a small product, please contact us to discuss and confirm a price.

To be included you must arrange to get the flyers to us 1 week before the sale and specify which areas you would like to cover and how many flyers you will provide. Email with the subject “Goody Bags” with your details and will will provide further information.

Business Tables

We allow 2-4 business tables per event. They must be directly related to the pregnancy, baby and toddler industry and we make sure that the businesses don’t overlap with each other or any of the items that are being sold on the day by our sellers.
The cost for a business table is £20 -£25 
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