Baby and Toddler Table top sales

Save a fortune and buy pre-loved or sell and make money from your pre-loved items.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we are unable to run our Lots for Tots Sales.  As soon as we are able to re-start the sales we will let you all know!

If you are looking to save money then you’ll find lots of bargains on baby, toddler and childrens items at our nearly new baby and toddler events.

If you want to make some spare cash and sell your toys, clothes or equipment that your little ones no longer need then book a table at one of our busy events. It’s easy. You can create some room and make some extra cash for just a couple of hours work. Either way, we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

How do I book a table?

Find the event you want to sell at. Scroll to the bottom of the event page and you’ll find a button to link through to eventbrite where you can secure a table in seconds with a secure online payment. Then we send you all the details. It’s easy!


Want to start your own Lots for Tots Sale?

If you would like to be your own boss, choose your own hours and earn a great income then why not start a sale in your area. For more information click here.

What our customers say about our sales.

“Thank goodness for Lots for Tots! My motto has always been ‘out with the old, in with the new’ and this is a great way to do this. I was able to declutter my home of baby stuff, knowing that it was going to people who wanted it and I was able to put that money back into buying new clothes and toys for my kiddies. It has been well worth the effort and the satisfaction of decluttering is just as valuable as the money I’ve made. Great atmosphere, great choice of venue and very well organised. I’m happy!”
Natalie – Watford Seller

“I sold all of my big items in the first 15 minutes and made £135 in at the sale. Already booked a table for the next event :)”
Tina – Watford Seller

“Lots for Tots is a well organised event, giving parents the opportunity to ‘let go’ of their beloved items and memories of their child’s younger years, safe in the knowledge they are off to a new home. My loft was thankful and my child had also helped on occasions learning about money and the reward of letting things go to pay for new things that she desires. The organisation is very professional, with payment online and allocation of tables on first come first serve basis ensuring each vendor has equal opportunities. Contact is regular to ensure any unlikely issues are ironed out. A great venture that I shall continue to use and recommend.Thanks LFT!”
Hannah – Rickmansworth Seller

I am first in the queue at most of the local sales. The amount of money i’ve saved on all sorts of items is worth it! It’s perfect for buying items for different ages of your children’s growth and not breaking the bank. I’m hooked!